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Since over 80% of people research vehicles online now dealerships are forced to offer very aggressive deals on the website. After all, you are not going to visit dealership A if dealership B has the exact same vehicle for about $2,000 less. In other words, the dealership with the lowest online price has already done a lot of the price negotiation for you before you even walked in the door.

Another variable that you should be aware of is that all Honda dealerships purchase the cars from Honda for the same price and sell them (MSRP) for the same price. This means that once you get a price from one Honda dealership and you choose to shop around, the only thing the other dealerships can really do is match the original price or beat it by a few hundred dollars. This would equate to approximately $2-5 on a monthly payment.

Not only do Honda dealerships price their new cars similarly, they also do not have an insanely large mark up for their vehicles. A Honda's profit mark up is between 4-10% depending on the vehicle. This may seem like a lot until you compare it to things that you buy on a regular basis. For example, the largest retail store in America has an average mark up of 24%. This means that on average you will be paying more a month for your everyday items from a retail store then you will at a car dealership.

So then you might be wondering, "If dealerships do not have a large mark up in their vehicles how do they make their money?" The answer is simple; it is every time you bring your car to the dealership to get work done on it.

Now I know that you probably do not believe me when I say all this; that is why below, I have supplied links to show you that I am getting you the best price right away. With these links that I have provided, you can see for yourself what my price is versus Truecar, Edmunds, KBB, and Motortrend.


If you decide that you want to compare my price to other dealers and I am being beaten by a thousand dollars or more, check to make sure that they have included the delivery charge in the price. Some dealerships will remove it from their price so as to give the appearance of a much better price only to slap it on in the end.

Find what model and trim of Honda is best you.

End of month/year

Everyone has heard that "the best time to get a good deal is at the end of the month/year because the dealership has better deals." Unfortunately, the prices on cars do not magically change over night.


The cause for this myth is because at the end of each month a dealership needs to have sold a certain number of new cars. If the dealership has not made that number by the last few days they may be willing to offer a little bit more; but you have no way of guarantying that they will be in such a situation at the end of the month.

However, the reverse can be equally as true. If the dealership has met their goal for the month they will be less eager to lose money. If this is the case then they will be harder to negotiate with.

There are also people who like to wait till the end of the year because "we will give better deals on the older model to make room for the newer model." Though it is true that managers are more eager to sell an older model, it does not mean that there will be a huge difference as compared to buying it before the end of the year.

Again, there is also a flip side to waiting till the end of the year. Yes the manager will be more eager to sell the car, but you will have less choices when it comes to the make, model, and color of the vehicle.

Now, every once in a while we do have a "Silent Sale" on certain holidays for new and used cars. A "Silent Sale" is a no negotiation price because it is a zero profit deal and is usually done during a time that is typically slow. The downside to this is that it is only good on cars on our lot.

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