Bad Credit

Any time you turn on the T.V. or radio, you are bombarded by advertisements telling you that it does not matter what kind of credit that you have that they can help you get into a car. And they are telling you the truth; they can, just like any other dealership, get you into a car.

When a customer has bad credit every single dealership has the same exact way of solving the problem. And that way is to ask for a co-signer who has a much higher credit then you. A co-signer is a way of telling the banks that you as the co-signer believe in your family member/friend that they will payoff the loan. 

Another way of bypassing the bad credit is to put several thousand dollars down. This shows the banks that you have put skin in the game and you are serious about paying off the loan.

In some situations, such as a trade with negative equity, the bank will want both a co-signer and money down. 

So next time you hear a dealership telling you that they have some special way of helping you; just remember that we all have the exact same way and it will be either, a co-signer with a higher credit score, money down, or both.

Concerned About Your Credit?

If you are concerned about your credit, then instead of coming into the dealership and spending hours looking at cars and wondering whether you can get approved; just click on the link below, fill out the credit information, and I'll have my highly trained managers see what car you can be approved for.

If you are concerned about your credit being pulled, according to Equifax, when you have your credit pulled for an auto loan it will only count as one pull and not several.

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