In car sales, we say that if you are not selling cars then you are unemployed. So to prevent myself from being "unemployed" I have created this site to help explain the car buying process.

Another way that I try to generate business is by referrals. When someone is referred to me, and they buy a car, the person who referred them to me will receive $100.

Now this does not apply to just my previous customers. Even if you have not bought a car from me, you can still refer someone to me and get the $100 for yourself.

To receive the $100, all you have to do is (1) refer someone to me (preferably they set up an appointment), (2) the person who is referred to me needs to ask for me specifically, (3) either the person you referred (or you yourself) needs to let me know that they are a referral, (4) the person who was referred to me must buy a car, (5) and finally I will need a name and address to send the money to.

On certain months I may also add some form of competition for free tickets to a Charlotte Knights game or something similar. Keep on the look out for such events and rules for them.

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